Preventative Care

Our first priority is to help you achieve and maintain excellent oral health and our advanced technology and patient-oriented philosophy does just that. Prevention and education is key in making the right decision that best fits your needs and protects your long-term oral health.


  • Intraoral Cameras | A picture of your dental health. As part of your regularly scheduled exam and cleaning, we will use a tiny intraoral camera to capture images of the inside of your mouth. This safe, non-invasive camera provides a high-tech way to help diagnose any dental work that needs to be performed. Once we capture an image of your teeth and/or gums, we will immediately display the image on a monitor so that you can discuss treatment options with Dr. McCargar.
  • Dental Sealants |  An effective weapon in the battle against tooth decay. Our office specializes in applying dental sealants for children and adolescents. Dental sealants offer patients a safe and effective way to prevent tooth decay, and works by bonding a layer of resin material on the biting surface of your teeth. Applied to permanent teeth, this layer creates a smoother tooth surface by filling in the deep grooves and fissures that trap bacteria and are difficult to clean with a toothbrush. Dental plaque can then be removed more easily and effectively, resulting in a lower incidence of tooth decay.