At Scottsdale Dental Arts, we strive to make general and cosmetic dental care as convenient and comfortable as possible. Dr McCargar and his team take the time to get to know every patient on an individual level, and we work hard to design treatment plans that perfectly suit our patient’s unique dental needs and lifestyles.

To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions we hear, along with their answers, on this page.

Are electric toothbrushes better than manual toothbrushes?

Electric and manual toothbrush are equally effective as long as you are using proper technique, brushing your teeth thoroughly for 2 minutes, twice a day.  Electric toothbrushes can provide a slight advantage, and may be of greater benefit to patients with compromised motor skills.

What causes bad breath?

A number of factors can result in bad breath, but the most common cause is poor dental hygiene. As the bacteria in your mouth breaks down food particles, sulfur compounds are produced and cause odor. The most common area for sulfur compounds is the back of the tongue.

When will my child get his first tooth?

On average, the first tooth erupts between 5 to 7 months. If you are concerned about your child’s teeth development, contact our team at Scottsdale Dental Arts.

How much radiation do I get from a dental x-ray?

Many patients are concerned with radiation coming from x-rays. Rest assured,the radiation you get from a dental x-ray is less than the amount you get from eating a banana.

Are there any dental problems that are associated with diabetes?

Receding gums and periodontal disease are common afflictions among diabetics. Good oral hygiene and healthy glucose levels will go a long way in preventing diabetic related dental problems.