Teeth Whitening

Regain the Whiter and Brighter Smile You Deserve!


Whitening your teeth is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to improve the appearance of your smile. Our Scottsdale dentist, Dr. McCargar offers the most reliable and effective teeth whitening products available today including the incredible Opalescence Boost in-office tooth whitening system.

With Opalescence Boost, we apply a hydrogen peroxide based, self-activating gel to your teeth over two 25-minute sessions during one convenient appointment. In just one visit with your Scottsdale dentist, you can improve the whiteness of your smile by several shades for an incredible improvement you’ll love! And with touch-ups and routine care, you can enjoy your whiter and brighter smile indefinitely.

At Home Teeth Whitening


We also offer the Opalescence take-home whitening system for our patients who wish to whiten their teeth in the convenience and privacy of their own homes. If you choose this option, Dr. McCargar will take an impression of your teeth so that customized whitening trays can be made just for you. These trays, which are made of smooth plastic material, fit snugly over your teeth and protect your gums and tongue from the bleaching agent while you obtain the million dollar white you’ve been dreaming of.

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If you’re ready to enjoy the many social and professional benefits that come with having a white and bright smile you can be proud of, schedule an appointment with us today. Whether your teeth are stained and discolored from foods you’ve eaten, tobacco, genetics or medications you’ve taken, we can whiten and brighten your smile to help you feel good about how your smile looks!